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You know that awkward moment when you've known a guy for four years, and you find out he's a Werewolf? Yeah, it's one of those days. -_-
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 This Isn't How It's Supposed To Be (Sirius-->Tori-->Kids)

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PostSubject: This Isn't How It's Supposed To Be (Sirius-->Tori-->Kids)   Fri Apr 06, 2012 10:24 am

OOC: This takes place a year or so after Sirius is trapped on earth, and everything has been going great. Sirius is enjoying being 'alive', and actually has a heartbeat. But of course, he is not technically mortal, and never will be. He's stuck as a 17 year old for now.

Sirius laughed. He had been playing a game with Tori and the kids outside, and it was dark out. They had set up lights in a circle around them though, so the could see. That's when something in the sky had caught his attention. "James...." He whispered. He stood up quickly, looking up at the sky. A star was faintly flashing. He panicked as it seemed to be moving away. "James! Remus! Lily!" He yelled and took off running to the other side of the yard, and as it went away, falling to the ground on his knees. He looked at the ground, closing his eyes. "Come back......" His breathing was hard and he dug is nails into the grass. Just for a few moments, he had seen that one star flashing. The star where they were. All of them. James, Remus, Lily, and Alexis. The star where he should be.
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This Isn't How It's Supposed To Be (Sirius-->Tori-->Kids)
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