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You know that awkward moment when you've known a guy for four years, and you find out he's a Werewolf? Yeah, it's one of those days. -_-
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 Meet The Newbies

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PostSubject: Meet The Newbies   Thu May 03, 2012 8:59 pm

Єʌɛяʏтнιиɢ ʏσʋ иɛɛ∂ тσ κиσω αт ғιяƨт :-
мʏ иαмɛ :- Hailey Louise Baxter
мʏ ɢɛи∂ɛя :- Female
мʏ вιятн∂αʏ :- May 9; 16
мʏ ғαмιℓʏ :- Sabrina :- ; I don't know him :- ; Older Brother Austin :-
яαи∂σм ғαcт αвσʋт мɛ :- I play the Ukulele.

Ѳʋтɛя ˩αʏɛя :-
нαιя cσℓσя :- Blonde
ɛʏɛ cσℓσя :- Grey
cℓσтнιиɢ ƨтʏℓɛ :- She has a mixed clothing style. Sometimes, she just wears what's comfortable. She also likes some hippie clothes. Her favorite store is Hot Topic so you can image some other clothes she'd wear. She loves skinny jeans and tank tops. She also loves shorts and hats. She likes to stand out and be unique. If it something that represents her, she likes it. She never changes anything for other people; so what if her style seems out there sometimes. She loves bright colors and also dark colors. A lot of people don't get her or her style. She doesn't blame them; even she doesn't get it.
вodу мodιfιcaтιoиѕ :- She has a septum piercing, and snake bites. She also has a heart tatto on her left wrist, and a dragon on her entire back.
dιѕтιиcтινe feaтυяeѕ :- She has one of the best smiles. It could literally brighten anyones day. Another feature would be her entire personality.

Ɩииɛя ˩αʏɛя :-
Ғɛαяƨ :- She fears upseting people. She also doesn't like letting people down. She hates sadness and fears that she will make someone sad. She also is terribly afraid of dying slowly and painfully or being hurt to where she is almost dead, but lives.
Ƨα∂∂ɛƨт тнιиɢ тнαт нαƨ нαρρɛи тσ ʏσʋ :- Her best friend that she had been friends with since kindergarten, backstabbed her. They were in the 8th grade, and her friend decided she would rather be popular, than be herself and be friends with Hailey. Her new found 'friends' told her in order to be there friend, she had to tell them all of Hailey's secrets. That's why she had to move here was because there, she was completely ruined, and humiliated. Usually she didn't care what people said but they found out everything.
Ƥɛяƨσиαℓιтʏ :- She is a very loving and caring person. She always puts others happiness before her own. However, she never changes herself for anyone else. She would much rather be happy and be herself, than act like something she's not. She is usually hyper and bubbly; there's rarely a time when you can find her actually upset. However, even when she is upset, she still acts happy for everyone else.
Ħιƨтσяʏ :- When she was born, her dad left. He left because he didn't want a little girl. Hailey grew up without a father but, her mom found someone and married him. Hailey never has liked him but she's stuck with him. She wants her mom to be happy but she can't stand her husband. She also got very depressed for a while about the deal with her best friend.

Ƥɛσρℓɛ Ƨκιℓℓƨ :-
βɛƨт Ғяιɛи∂ :- Her older brother Austin. He's been the one person she could always talk to since her best friend ditched her.
ѕєχυal oяιєnтaтιon :- Straight
cяʋƨн :-
ɛϰ(ƨ) :- Hailey doesn't have any ex's because everyone thinks she's weird. She want's a boyfriend but, she'd rather not have one if it means he doesn't even respect that she is being herself.
ωнαт ∂σ ʏσʋ ℓσσκ ғσя ιи α ρɛяƨσи? :- Hailey isn't very picky as far as traits in a person goes. However, she will not stand for fakes; she can't stand them. She also can't stand it when someone doesn't have a sense of humor, and gets upset over a stupid joke. So, therefore, you must be yourself, and have a sense of humor or else, she won't like you.
ωнαт тʏρɛ σғ ρɛяƨσи αяɛ ʏσʋ? :- She is a very different person. She is kind of a skater but also, she is hippie-ish. She also has a Tom-Boy side, and a small bad girl side.
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Meet The Newbies
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