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You know that awkward moment when you've known a guy for four years, and you find out he's a Werewolf? Yeah, it's one of those days. -_-
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 A Bit Of Rebellion Sparks A Flame (Lily Luna-->Family-->Friends)

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PostSubject: A Bit Of Rebellion Sparks A Flame (Lily Luna-->Family-->Friends)   Mon Apr 02, 2012 8:58 pm

OOC: This is a short future thread where Lily experiences her rebellion streak. She's 16, so her brothers are both out of school. But... The thing... She's got a wild, out of control, 'bad boy' boyfriend, and her family is visiting Hogwarts for a holiday party. ;D This should be fun...

Lily kissed her boyfriend, Mason, and giggled. "I have to go get ready for the party." She gently pushed him away and went to her dorm, leaving the common room, to get dressed. She did her hair and changed into a beautiful, low cut dress, that came about 8 inches below her butt, and showed her cleavage a bit too. It was a part of her rebellion that she had struck lately. She had even let Mason do what he wished to her, except take her virginity. she decided that was hers to keep, until she was an adult. Mason respected that though, even though he was the complete image of 'bad boy'. She went downstairs with Mason, who was also dressed nicely, holding his hand into the Great Hall. "Mum! Dad!" She waved to them, going over. they had met Mason once before, but didn't approve of him.

James nearly spit out the punch he was drinking at the sight of his 'baby' sister. "Oi! Lils, what are you wearing?!"


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A Bit Of Rebellion Sparks A Flame (Lily Luna-->Family-->Friends)
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